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✨ Welcome in Tantra Namasté Gothenburg ✨ Studio with the longest history. We started this beautiful journey since 2018 🏆 Thank you for your support ♥️

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⭐️ Due to recent banking changes we ask PAYMENT be made in EUR or USD or Revolut. Please consult with us if you have any questions.


Experience a unique journey of sensuality and exploring your own boundaries with BDSM Tantra Massage, an extraordinary fusion of tantric massage and BDSM elements that surpass the usual frames of intimate experience. This special massage harmoniously combines the dynamics of dominance and submission with traditional tantric practices aimed at deepening mutual connection and enhancing sexual energy.

In a safe and confidential environment carefully created by Nikol, you can immerse yourself in the world of your deepest fantasies and desires. Together with Nikol, your guide on this journey of discovery, you dare to explore new planes of your perception and sensuality. Open dialogue and mutual trust will allow you to define and respect your boundaries while collectively creating and experiencing a scene full of mutual understanding and sharing.

Imagine surrendering to the unique experience of BDSM Tantra Massage, a journey where your boundaries are explored, and your sensuality is awakened like never before. With Nikol as your guide, you will explore the delicate balance between control and surrender, pain and pleasure, leading to a deep understanding and enhancement of your sexual energy. Every touch, every breath, and every moment is an invitation to discover new horizons of pleasure and self-awareness.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to experience a session where you can truly be yourself, exploring the depths of your desires and fantasies in a safe and supportive environment. Let Nikol guide you through an unforgettable journey of BDSM Tantra Massage, where every sense is heightened, and every experience is cherished. This is more than just a massage; it's a transformative experience that will leave you with a new understanding of pleasure and intimacy.

For more informations about price contact our operator ♥️

Today’s masseuse:
✨ Nikol ✨
22/2/23 - 3/3/23
Age: 29 Height: 158 Weight: 49 kg Bra: B

Meet Nikol, our star in the massage world, who with a decade of experience has shone not only as a sought-after masseuse but also as a talented makeup artist and decorator. Nikol proves that true art is not confined to canvas alone but extends into every touch and gesture. Her work reflects her passion for detail, creativity, and a deep understanding of the human body and soul.

Nikol is not just any masseuse; she is an explorer of beauty and harmony, bringing her rich international experiences from travels across Sweden, Norway, Germany, and England directly to you. Each massage is another opportunity for her to explore new horizons of well-being and perfection.

But what truly sets Nikol apart is her unique ability to intertwine the world of sensual massages with elements of BDSM. This exciting combination is not just about physical experience; it's a journey towards freeing the mind, discovering new levels of pleasure, and deepening trust and intimate connection. Nikol will guide you through this path with kindness, understanding, and a safe environment where you can freely and fearlessly explore.

Her sessions are far more than massages; they are unforgettable experiences that invite you into a world where the boundaries between sensuality and adrenaline blur. With Nikol, you'll discover that every touch can be the key to new dimensions of pleasure and self-discovery.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to explore the unconventional depths of sensuality and excitement. Come and let Nikol guide you on a journey that could change your perspective on pleasure and relaxation. This is your chance to discover something that goes beyond ordinary massages – this is an experience you will remember for a lifetime!

✨ Certifications ✨
🔹Tantra massage training in professional practice
🔹2014 - Dexter academy - sports massage - official accreditation with europas
🔹2015 - Dexter academy - Magic touch of Tantra massage
🔹2016 - Classical "Swedish" massage course
🔹 Tantric practice - Mr. and Mrs. Komeda
🔹 A course of conscious Tantric BDSM - Phase A and Phase B - Canabelle
🔹 Tantra courses at the Tantra Institute Prague - Petr Manguri
🔹 Lava stones massage - skolamasazi.cz
🔹 Tantric touch - skolamasazi.cz
🔹 Reiki I. + II. + III. with Dalibor Řeháka

•Prices are fixed
•We accept only cash (EUR/USD) or Revolut (Kr/EUR/USD)

Classic massages (no extras included)
⏳60 min – 140 EUR / 1600 SEK 🆕
⏳90 min – 165 EUR / 1900 SEK 🆕
⏳120 min – 200 EUR / 2300 SEK 🆕

⏳ 60 min - 175 EUR / 2000 SEK 🆕
⏳ 90 min - 220 EUR / 2500 SEK 🆕
⏳ 120 min - 260 EUR / 3000 SEK 🆕

-Longer treatments are possible:
*Every 30 minutes of Tantra costs 600 SEK / 50 EUR
*Every 30 minutes of Nuru costs 900 SEK / 80 EUR

You can add some extras:
For 300 SEK / 25 EUR
*body to body procedure
*SPA procedure
*feet lover - massage with feet

for 400 SEK / 35 EUR
*massage in possition 69 - just a view

Free extras - you can choose just 1 free extra per massage in 90+ min massage

*Mutual massage / Feel the woman
*Double or longer L massage
*Hot stones

✨️What is tantra massage? (deeply healing and relaxing therapy)
It´s a fullbody massage where nudity is something beautiful, where we cherish your body and free your mind and pamper you, ease your breathing and help you relax. Tantra massage activates your senses, waking up each cell of your body and gives you an extraordinary sensual experience.

✨️What is Nuru massage? (dinamic and closeness touch)
Nuru Massage is an extremely sensual kind of massage, focused on body to body contact using special slippery hot oil. Doing this technique a masseuse uses a minimum of her hands and maximizes the body contact which only amplifies physicality and overall experience of massage. Inventiveness of movements and positions affords the truly extraordinary experience a new things.


❌Providing Tantric massage is not providing sexual service. It is not possible to pay extra for these services.
✅ We provide ONLY Tantric and erotic massages. Our services are legal.

🔸We don’t accept hidden numbers.

🔸In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. The therapist will make all the settings perfectly clear together with you before beginning of each such session.

🔸 Alcohol consumption is not recommended before or during the session, and if you will come DRUNK to our studio, you will BE NOT ACCEPTED for treatment. Thank you for understanding.

🔸 The session includes shower (before and after massage), talk and massage. Before massage in the interview with you we will choose the best way to get the most out of your expectation ❤️

With love,
your Namaste Team 💖







10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
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